Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones (2010) Album Review

Going on with reviewing a rather interesting record, this time, Tom Gabriel “Warrior” Fischer‘s new album since Celtic Frost was put to rest for good, Eparistera Daimones (which Tom Warrior says that in ancient Greek it means “to my left, the demons”). What makes this record so special? Let me tell you why, those that might’ve listened to Celtic Frost’s last record will surely know why. Monotheist for me was probably the cornerstone of Celtic Frost, it is like they were destined to release this album and to drown in glory with it and afterwards, disappearing in the fog for good. It is hard for me to label this album as black metal, unlike their first two records which completely defined a genre, but this does not mean that this record lacks the well known black metal traits. It’s just that we now have a more atmospheric record, a logic follow up to Monotheist, and probably a much more dynamic and consistent work than its predecessor.

When I heard that Celtic Frost disbanded after releasing such a brilliant record, I was left with a bitter taste inside my mouth, since I anticipated much better works from this legendary band. However, the release of this album proves that even without the name of Celtic Frost, good albums can still be made by having just one important piece in composition. For most of the time, I considered Tom G. Warrior to be the mastermind behind Celtic Frost. He founded Hellhammer, even though at that time, the band was the expression of their rebellious attitude towards society and towards the heavy metal scene. The birth of Celtic Frost actually marked the beginning of their artistic career, focusing more on the musical side rather than the rebellious one. Surprisingly though, the first two records that inspired countless black metal later comers did not go with the trend back then, they did not contain satanic lyrics and imagery, but they were definitely a combination between an yet unformed black metal sound, early death metal and classic thrash metal. Celtic Frost was a band that did not waver in just one musical genre, switching and experimenting from album to album, maybe this is the reason why they had to disband twice. However, internal conflict within the band proved to be the reason that made this titan of heavy metal, to sink into eternal slumber, while the legacy can still be admired.

Triptykon means for me something else, this marks the beginning of Tom G. Warrior’s most important period from an artistic point of view. Eparistera Daimones exceeds its predecessor entirely, even though many songs from this album sound similar to other songs from Monotheist, it has that something that makes it a lot more consistent and much more convincing. Probably the new line-up brought something new, or the new approach has finally started to bloom inside Fischer’s head, we may never know, but it definitely is something of huge proportion, menacing most of the records released in 2010 with it’s avant-garde elegance and its new approach of black/doom/Gothic metal.

What could be seen in Monotheist, is much more obvious and much better done in Eparistera Daimones, drumming that does not put the other instruments in the shadow, bass lines that flow with the atmosphere, guitar passages that define the atmospheric side of this album and of course, the never changing voice on Tom G. Warrior, combining whispers, deep growls with mad snarls and modern screams.

All the songs sound absolutely staggering in this record, but there are a few that managed to attract the audience with some specific traits. For such an album, I could not have though that the introduction is so poor, Goetia was a sort of disappointment, not because it is not good, but it is monotonous and much longer than you could stand. Abyss Within My Soul would’ve been the perfect choice for an introductory song, much better than the boredom felt while listening for 11 whole fucking minutes to Goetia. Shrine stands as a prologue for probably the most surprising and the best track of this album, In Shrouds Decayed. Artistically speaking, it’s very similar with the song Ground from Monotheist but slightly faster than the one already mentioned, making it a lot more pleasant for the listener and offers much more energy. I admired Franco Sesa from Celtic Frost for his drumming even though, from what Fischer said, his personality was rotten, his drumming was first class, even receiving some honorable appreciations from his fellow band mates when Celtic Frost reunited for the first time in 7 years. However, Norman Lonhard proves that there are equally good drummers if not, much better. His drumming in this song is absolutely fabulous, like in the other tracks of this album. This song also features guitar drones.

Myopic Empire is another song that attracted my attention while listening it. It is probably the song that harmonizes the best all the main and secondary instruments in this album. The lead guitar work at the beginning is top class and the loss of intensity in the second half allowing a splendid piano work, this is something amazing, something that a musician should feel proud of after listening the fresh product right after completion.My Pain the track that follows after Myopic Empire proves that even on slower paced songs, the band can do a great job. Here we have a duo between Fischer and Simone Vollenweider, the same person that performed female vocals on Celtic Frost’s Monotheist, in songs such as Obscured and Incantation Against.

The Prolonging, the last track of this album, and the longest one, spawning near 20 minutes is the perfect song to close a masterpiece of an album, however, the length of this song might’ve revealed some of the bands own weaknesses. I admire Tom G. Warrior, but I cannot overlook the fact that he is getting older, a thing that could be felt in his vocal performance on this song. He did well in most of his lines, but near the end, it could be felt that he got tired, his vocals wavering a little bit. Another thing that I forgot to mention is that Fischer when writing lyrics follows a certain pattern. I don’t know why he uses it for almost every song, however, the overall quality of this CD should’ve brought a new lyrical approach as well.

All in all, with good points and faults, Eparistera Daimones is a fucking great album, a feast for the ears and an elegant approach towards genres such as black metal and doom metal. The fans that were driven mad by the quality and awesomeness present in Monotheist will be even more delighted after hearing this new record. Even though Triptykon is a new name on the metal scene, with Tom G. Warrior on board, they could become quickly an important name. Celtic Frost might’ve been the band in which Fischer manifested his creativity the most, however, what is dead should remain dead, and a new beginning should be made, in order to produce better quality albums. To make it short, if you want to listen to a 2010 metal record, look no further, Eparistera Daimones is the right choice.

Overall Impression: 98/100