Quorthon (Bathory) would’ve been 46 years old by now

I forgot to post this news yesterday because of some sudden problems I had to face. Yesterday  was an important day for every infatuated metalhead all over the globe (at least the true ones, surely not those used with commercial shit but with true metal).

The mastermind behind one of the most important metal projects ever, Bathory would’ve celebrated his 48th year since birth if he wouldn’t have died back in 2004 because of a heart failure. But who was Quorthon? A definite and justified answer has not been brought up even today. Quorthon, supposedly named Thomas Forsberg, was born on February 17, 1966 in Stockholm, Sweden.

He entered in the metal realm around the age of 16 when he composed and recorded two songs which were part of a split album between various artists and bands. He came up with two songs entitled Sacrifice and The Return Of Darkness And Evil, songs that would attract a lot of attention back in 1984 when it was released and available. Quorthon in his early years played a hybrid black metal, movement began by the British NWOBHM band Venom with their 1982 record Black Metal. However, what Quorthon did until the beginning of the 1990s was way more astonishing. If there is a personality credited for shaping the black metal we know today, discarding the speed and thrash metal elements present, then Quorthon is that person.

From 1984 until 1989 Quorthon released 4 important black metal records which will inspired countless second wave black metal bands. Bathory (1984), marked the beginning of his musical project, The Return… (1985) is even today considered the mark of true evil in the history of black metal, no other record could match the maliciousness present in this gem and finally, the most outstanding work that defined and shaped black metal, Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987). Blood Fire Death was later released in 1988 but this record featured hints of a style change, which will happen in 1990 with the release of Hammerheart soon followed by Twilight Of The Gods in 1991, two of the most important viking metal albums, genre that has been created by Quorthon himself. So we have the shaping of a genre and the creation of another one, but was this all that Quorthon did? Not at all, he even played thrash metal in albums such as Requiem (1994) and Octagon (1995). Then again he turned back to the viking metal roots releasing what was supposed to be the 5th Bathory record, Blood on Ice (1996). Destroyer of Worlds (2001) blended all three genres in one record while Nordland I (2002) and Nordland II (2003) were the beginning of a saga composed of 4 ports, saga that he would not live to continue.

As side projects, when he claimed that he would put Bathory to rest after Twilight Of The Gods, he founded a solo project, named after his own nickname, in which he played a combination between alternative rock/metal and early grunge. He released under that name 2 albums, Album (1994) and Purity of Essence (1997) after placing it to rest for good. He even contributed in Jennie Tebler‘s new formed band with instrumental, for the single Silverwing released only in 2005, after his death (Jennie Tebler’s band played gothic metal).

Quorthon did not only contribute with various albums which shaped and created genres, he had an important impact on Norway’s culture. With his lyrics featured in albums like Hammerheart, Twilight Of The Gods or Blood on Ice, he managed to attract attention towards the viking civilizations, action which resulted with an important interest in this respective culture. Many people were attracted by the tales foretold by Quorthon in his own albums and the rate of tourists grew in Norway in the mid to late 90s and it still grows even today. Bathory was not only an inspiration for black metal bands but also for future viking metal bands, though the genre itself has kinda disappeared with the death of its own creator.

All in all, while people mourn the oh so tragic death of Whitney Houston, which technically was a suicide, I mean, how stupid can you be to swallow pills while knowing that you drank alcohol, come on peeps, I am not at my first experience with alcohol so I know, pills won’t do any good while you can’t even speak properly because of how much alcohol you’ve consumed. This man revolutionized one of the most loved and one of the most important music genre, and he cannot even get a bit of appreciation for that? This world is pretty unfair, too bad Quorthon loved it and left to us, the ungrateful bastards, a priceless legacy.


Quorthon, May Valhalla open its doors and welcome you with a Pounding Hammerheart!