Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (2012) Album Review

For 15 years, Lacuna Coil like any other band has ups and downs, though the release of their 6th full-length album marks a return to their original roots and to their more aggressive sound. I have to admit, I’ve been a big fan of this band in the early days. Their sound in the first 2 albums, “In a Reverie” and “Unleashed Memories” was probably the best sound they ever had and their peak of glory in their composition style as well.

Changes occurred with Comalies the 3rd record, which meant a new playing style the band approached and also, the moment it broke into mainstream. I was pretty much impressed by their representation in this album, however, distrust appeared with Karmacode and Shallow Life the last one being so commercial that it was a pain to listen to it, an unbearable pain.

Dark Adrenaline, like I said, marked a new era for this band, and a revolution in their playing style. I remember that in some interviews the band members specified the fact that the album will be much heavier than the previous ones, but with the release of their first single, Trip the Darkness, I already began to question this aspect. As always the duet between Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia is amazing, pretty catchy and energetic, offering moments of sobriety, aggression and restlessness, I have to admit that I was disappointed after hearing Trip The Darkness. A pretty lame dialogue between the two singers accompanied by an energetic yet boring and without depth instrumental, this is what described this single. However, I immediately changed my mind when I heard the second single this band released, entitled Kill The Light. I found in this song exactly what I wanted from this band and from this album. With this song I could finally recognize that they’ve kept their word about this album being much more heavy than the others.

I anticipated this release to be even more fantastic and it sure was. Even though the lyrical themes and compositions are relatively shallow and superficial, you cannot say that this band does not offer a certain level of excitement. Actually, their good point does not really stand in studio recording songs but in live performances, where the band offers a hell of a show and unleashes a lot of energy that is impossible for fans to just stand like statues, staring at them. Against You even featured guitar solos, something that I have not heard from this band in a long time, another guitar solo can be witnessed in The Army Inside. Give Me Something More is yet again a catchy tune with a great performance offered by Cristina Scabbia.

I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow is in my opinion the worst track of this album. Cristina’s performance is at the level that I expected but Andrea is absolutely boring. It is hard for me to talk about every song individually, since, a fan of Lacuna Coil knows that there are a few songs that manage to attract the attention and the rest are just a sort of copy/paste recipe. The album ends with the song My Spirit which is my favorite out of all this album, showing probably the best performance given by the two vocalists and the most impressive lyrical content, combining both English lyrics and Italian lyrics. It is also the only song of this album that goes over 5 minutes in length almost reaching 6 minutes.

All in all, if you are a fan of early Lacuna Coil, this album is a must listen, it is much more heavier than the last two releases this band offered. I don’t know where this band it is heading, but if they keep doing works like this album, I am sure that they are on the right path.

Overall Impression: 90/100